BeyondOTC and PAAL AI: Pioneering the Future of Digital Asset Management (@BeylaAIBot integration)


datelogo June 14, 2024


      The digital asset landscape is rapidly evolving, demanding innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. BeyondOTC, a leading gateway to early-stage and secondary markets for digital assets, is excited to announce its collaboration with PAAL AI. This collaboration is set to revolutionize digital asset trading and management by integrating PAAL AI's cutting-edge technology into the BeyondOTC platform.


    PAAL AI is a trailblazing platform that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer sophisticated solutions for both business and personal use. The platform’s offerings include automated decision-making, predictive analytics, and personalized AI interactions, making it a cornerstone for modern digital transformation.

Current Offerings by PAAL AI.

    PAAL AI has developed a suite of advanced tools designed to enhance user experiences and streamline operations:

  • MyPaal: AI assistants that are fully customizable, with ongoing improvements to enhance their capabilities.

  • Paal-X and Paal AI Widget: Tools that facilitate DEX trading via Telegram and provide a web-based AI assistant.

  • LockAIBot: Ensuring secure and anonymous transactions through a sophisticated transaction mixer.

  • PaalLabs: Driving innovation through dedicated research and development efforts.

  • PaalVentures: Supporting emerging technology ventures through strategic investments.

  • B2B Solutions: Offering custom AI solutions, including white label deployments, tailored to business needs.

   PAAL AI is continuously evolving, with several key initiatives planned for the near future:

  • ask.paal v1 Beta: Launching a new version designed to improve user interactions and functionality.

  • PaalX Wallet (Beta): Introducing a beta version that integrates additional blockchain networks.

  • AI Sniper (Beta): Rolling out an AI-driven tool to optimize trading strategies.

  • Referral System: Implementing a system to boost community engagement and growth on

  • New Communication Channels: Expanding presence through YouTube and real-time news updates.

  • Enhanced Data Integration: Incorporating data from top crypto analytical platforms for deeper insights.

  • Global Marketing Campaign: Aggressively expanding visibility and user acquisition in key markets.


        Central to the PAAL AI ecosystem is the $PAAL token, which offers various benefits such as staking rewards, discounts, and trading volume rewards. The token supports a growing community of over 50,000 holders. PAAL AI has made significant strides in the digital asset space:

  • Community Growth: Over 7.5 million total group members and 50,000 $PAAL token holders.

  • User Engagement: More than 100,000 unique web app users.

  • Revenue Generation: Ranked in the top 5 for service revenue generation by DeFiLlama.

  • Exchange Listings: Listed on major exchanges including, Huobi, BitMart, Poloniex, and CoinEx.

  • Tech Partnerships: Supported by industry giants such as Google and NVIDIA.

  • Blockchain Collaborations: Partnered with Avalanche, Chainlink, and Polygon.

  • Market Presence: Featured on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and integrated across 19,000+ Web3 communities.

  • Co-Marketing: Engaged in partnerships with platforms like OKX and CoinGecko.

  • Research Recognition: Highlighted in Binance Research publications.

  • Innovative Projects: Collaborated with Amino Rewards to develop a fitness AI assistant for their 3 million+ users.

The Collaboration: BeyondOTC and PAAL AI

The integration of PAAL AI’s advanced technology into BeyondOTC's platform brings several significant advantages:

  1. Enhanced Due Diligence:

The integration of @BeylaAIBot, an advanced AI assistant, helps investors conduct thorough due diligence with insights akin to those of a professional VC researcher.

  1. Support for Founders:

PAAL AI’s solutions assist founders in launching successful projects and consolidating their positions if they are already listed.

  1. AI-Driven Insights:

Advanced analytics and predictive modeling provide investors with deep insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

  1. Future Prospects:

While trading integration is under study for future implementation, the current focus remains on leveraging AI and Web3 technology for enhanced digital asset management.

      This collaboration between BeyondOTC and PAAL AI exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to digital asset trading and management. Together, they are poised to set new standards in the industry, ensuring that users benefit from the latest advancements in AI and blockchain technology.


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