Strategic Collaboration Between Beyond OTC and ixirpad: Empowering Safe and Rewarding Cryptocurrency Investments


datelogo June 17, 2024


Strategic Collaboration Between Beyond OTC and ixirpad: Empowering Safe and Rewarding Cryptocurrency Investments

    In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, finding secure and rewarding investment opportunities can be a daunting task. To address this challenge, Beyond OTC is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with ixirpad, a platform dedicated to making cryptocurrency investments safe, easy, and rewarding for everyone. This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to offer investors unparalleled opportunities in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) space.

What is ixirpad?

    ixirpad is an innovative platform designed to simplify and secure the investment process in new cryptocurrency projects. It provides a beginner-friendly interface while protecting investors' funds and rewarding them for each investment. ixirpad also supports new projects by helping them reach a wider audience, ensuring their successful launch and adoption.

How ixirpad Works

    ixirpad allows investors to participate in IDOs through a structured and secure process. Here’s how it operates:

Investment Rounds

ixirpad features five distinct investment rounds for each IDO:

1. NFT Round: Exclusively for IXIR NFT holders, allowing investments up to 1000 USDT.

2. Year Round: Available to users who stake $IXIR for two years.

3. All Stake Round: Open to all users staking their $IXIR.

4. Community Pass Round: For users staking over 120,000 $IXIR in the 2-year pool.

5. FCFS Round: Open to everyone, with a maximum investment of 1000 USDT if space permits.

On the listing date, investors can either claim their tokens or opt for a refund within 24 hours, providing flexibility and security.

IXIR Staking Pools

    Staking plays a crucial role in determining investment eligibility and potential returns. Lixirpad offers several staking pools:

- 90 Days Pool: 4.1% investment allocation per IDO, 13.24% APY.

- 183 Days Pool: 9.84% investment allocation per IDO, 13.74% APY.

- 360 Days Pool: 24.58% investment allocation per IDO, 13.49% APY.

- 730 Days Pool: 61.48% investment allocation per IDO, no APY, but access to 2 Year Stake Round.

Secure Listing

    ixirpad’s Secure Listing policy ensures investor protection by allowing them to claim or refund their investments based on a predetermined schedule. This policy mitigates risks and enhances trust in the platform.

IXIR Bonuses and NFTs

     Investors are rewarded with bonus tokens ranging from 2% to 5% depending on their investment round. Additionally, IXIR NFTs provide exclusive investment opportunities and guaranteed allocations, making them highly valuable assets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Lixirpad

Getting Started

1. Stake $IXIR: Stake at least 10,000 $IXIR in one of the staking pools to receive allocation for IDOs.

2. Participate in IDOs: Visit the ixirpad launchpad, select a project, and invest based on your allocation.

3. Claim or Refund Investments: On the listing date, decide to claim your tokens or refund your investment within 24 hours.

Beyond OTC and Lixirpad: A Perfect Match

      The collaboration between Beyond OTC and ixirpad is set to revolutionize cryptocurrency investments by combining Beyond OTC’s extensive network and resources with ixirpad’s innovative investment platform. This partnership will offer investors:

- Enhanced Security: Through Lixirpad’s Secure Listing policy.

- Rewarding Investments: With bonus tokens and staking rewards.

- Ease of Access: Simplified investment process suitable for beginners and seasoned investors alike.

     By joining forces, Beyond OTC and ixirpad aim to create a more secure, rewarding, and accessible environment for cryptocurrency investments, empowering investors to confidently explore new opportunities in the ever-expanding digital asset landscape.

      The strategic collaboration between Beyond OTC and ixirpad represents a significant step forward in making cryptocurrency investments safer and more rewarding. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, investors can now enjoy a streamlined, secure, and highly rewarding investment experience. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this powerful partnership as we continue to innovate and drive the future of cryptocurrency investments.

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