Early Stage Deal


Investment Round

Round Size: 700K $
Valuation: 24M $
Vesting: 2% TGE, 6 months lock-up and linear release during 18 months



Pitch Deck





FU Capital is a cutting-edge technology for RWA tokenization and fractionalization for retail investors. 

-Global P2P platform for tokenizing asset-backed Consumer & Business loans (RWA) and incorporating asset managers' performance. 
-Bridges Asset Managers to cheaper capital sources, especially in emerging markets.
-Funding raised from token sales provides growth capital for Asset Managers.
-Stable Yield earnings from tokenized real-world debt for retail investors. 
-Diversified risk exposure to Real-World Assets (RWA) for retail investors via fractionalized ownership. 
-Enhanced liquidity via secondary NFT marketplace for investors.

Market Potential: 
The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols for RWAs reached record highs, exceeding $6 billion USD in 2023, and is expected that tokenized RWAs will reach $15 trillion by 2030. 

Competitive Landscape:
FU Capital distinguishes itself by focusing on emerging markets, creating liquidity and capital growth opportunities for asset originators, and allowing retail investors to micro-invest in previously untapped markets. Moreover, they enhance their profitability with our NFT secondary market.  

-Over 50 third-party Asset originators from MENA, LatAm, and Southeast Asia regions are already in the queue to be listed on the platform. Also, 10 of our owned fintech companies from different regions will be listed. 
-Over 20,000 active retail investors on our web2 platform (esketit.com) deposited $60 million USD in fiat and $7 million USD in crypto. 
-$45 Million USD assets under management. 

Business Model:
We are expecting to reach these metrics in the following years: 
-Monthly Active Investors - 30,000 
-Outstanding investments (year 1) - $54 million USD
-Average investment amount - $500 USD 
-Profit before taxes (aggregated 5 years) - $33 million USD
-Project valuation (Seed Round) - $24M USD
-FUT token fully diluted value (FDV)  - $72 million USD 

Team & Advisors:
-Beka Tchulukhadze | CEO, Co-founder of FU Capital
12+ years held C-level positions in the leading companies at Web3 (DeFi), Fintech & TradFi. 
-Davis Barons  | Co-founder of FU Capital.
Co-founder of AvaFin, named fastest-growing fintech by Inc. 5000. Founder and board member of numerous successful fintech companies around the world. 
-Matiss Ansviesulis  | Co-founder of FU Capital
Co-founder of AvaFin in 2012, served as CEO until 2020. Grew company to €70M+ revenue. ex-J.P. Morgan, London.
-Edgars Zarins  | CFO of FU Capital
Extensive CFO experience in the Fintech sector across 10 countries. I have also worked for 10+ years in finance, including 5 years at KPMG Baltics.
-Yuvaraj Thanikachalam  | Advisor, IT and blockchain 
 Web3 specialist with expertise in DeFi and Tokenized assets. Entrepreneur with 24 years in finance and digital start-ups. 
-Andrew Thomas  | Advisor, Marketing and Community Building
Holds advisory roles and shares in web3 companies, including Scrypt and UNIX gaming. Dverse’s acceleration program COO is addressing critical market needs. 
-Jay Ansari  | Investor Relations & BD Manager of FU Capital
10+ years in Investor Relations, BD & Marketing in Fintech & Web3; 
Crypto enthusiast who has led 3 successful Web3/DeFi projects.


Deal Details:
-Founders fund: Closed, funded $720,000 USD at token public sale price. 
-Seed round: Raised $600,000 USD, looking to raise an additional $700,000 USD at a $24 million USD valuation.
-Minimum investment: $100,000 USD.
-SAFT available.
-The Beta launch of the protocol is planned for June 2024. 
-TGE is scheduled for September 2024.